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11 October 2010 @ 10:46 am
She was an inhabitant of the night. Frequently crippled by the effects of alcohol running through her veins. One look and you would know she
is a mess. Her life is as chaotic as those countries in war.

She kept on waiting for her loved one to return. Waiting for her to save her from the misery. Yet it was a worthless attempt, since their forever has been torn apart by the cruelty of destiny and never will her life ever be the same again.
She was trying to disappear from this cruel world, trying to run away from all the wretchedness of this planet. She was a lost soul travelling alone. A hopeless case as it may seem.

When Jessica appeared in front her, the tiniest fire of hope inside her seemed to flicker and gave her the optimism that finally she can smile in her sleep. Jessica changed every inch of her. She even changed her soul.

The stars and the sun looked like they agreed to what she felt at that moment. It was pure bliss and nothing else.

They’ve spent every waking moment together. She regained control of her used to be dejected existence with the help of her lover. She was just happier whenever they were in each other’s company.

It seemed that her once black and white world was splattered with colorful rainbow colors when Jessica came. Everything appeared to be so perfect. That everything was in the right place. Nothing else mattered but Jessica and their unbreakable love for each other. Their happiness seemed endless. Jessica’s arms were her castle, a refuge from all life’s uncertainties. She picked up Yuri every time she fell down. She was all Yuri wanted.

The night belonged to them; trapped into each other’s embrace, they were caught in a world of their own. The stars and the moon in the vast heavens lighted up the dark skies as they cling to the hope that it their own little world will change for them. That it will somehow make all the troubles fade away.

They danced under the moonlit sky, whispered those three magical words that they loved to hear, as the gentle wind brushed every inch of their body, moving with the swaying trees by nature’s mellow hushes. Everything was so solemn in their secret haven. Nothing disturbed them. Not even the owl’s nightly cooing. They were lost in each other’s eyes, trapped in one big bubble. They felt so alive. Nothing could harm them. They thought.

But both of them neither had the idea that it was their last dance together. That it would be their last time to spend a moment in each other’s company. Because fate just had to play the dirtiest trick up his sleeve.
She sat on the bench just outside the park, waiting for her beloved.

Yuri watched as a car lost its control in front of her. All seemed to be in slow motion as she saw where the car crashed into; A few feet away from her, colliding into the tiny blonde haired figure that seemed to be so familiar to her.

She rushed to the helpless figure, lying in a pool of her own blood. “Sica! Sica!” she frantically screamed at the almost dying figure, holding her into her arms.

“Yuri-ah, I love you.” Jessica weakly said and smiled as blood gushed out of her system.

Yuri looked at the inanimate object Jessica was holding, as tears welled up from her eyes, flowing freely on her red cheeks.

A small red box covered in scarlet liquid. She ignored it at the moment and turned her focus on her beloved girlfriend, whose breathing was shallow.

She watched as the other’s eyes were slowly closing. Yuri knew the moment Jessica puts down the lid of her eyes, she will be gone.

“Sica! Sica! Wake up, please! Don’t let go of Me.” she cried shaking the lifeless body in her arms but little did she know that it was a futile attempt for fate has claimed his victory over them.

She held her lover into her arms tighter than the she ever did before. It will be the last time to hold her into her loving embrace.
She doesn’t know where to go, or what to do after that ill-fated day. She tried to run away once again. But her feet didn’t take her far.
She drowned herself in alcohol, hoping that it could numb the pain that’s eating inside of her, ripping of her heart inch by inch. Her invisible scars were nowhere near to healing.

Every touch was still so clear. Her taste was still so fresh. Her scent lingered. She imagined her hold, but it doesn’t feel as real. It wasn’t helping her at all.

She felt empty. Her happiness was nowhere to be found. Her life was taken from her. She drowned herself in tears, cried herself to sleep, hoping that when she’s in dreamland she would see her again. That she sees those deep brown eyes, those perfect luscious lips that once captured her, that once belonged to her.
She was all alone again, lost in a world that was so unfamiliar. She lost to fate the only familiar world she knew. Everything was distant. Life was meaningless, nothing was worth her smile. Without Jessica, it was hard to survive.

She knew it was all over, that she’ll never be around. She wanted to fade away because the pain was just unbearable.

Will she ever be happy again? She doesn’t know.

All she knew was that she wanted to be with her, to spend every second, every minute and every hour of her life with the one who made her complete.

She’s back to her ever chaotic life. It’s not even worthy to be called life. Everything seemed so dull, monochromatic. A never ending torture.

An everlasting tragedy.

She knew she’ll be lost in darkness once again, that she’ll be walking alone in the dark path with a hole on her chest and perhaps a bottle of alcohol in her hand.

Her story will never have a happy ending.
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